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Gómez Estrella

We are the largest macadamia agricultural plantation in the Dominican Republic.

The Vision

Our passion for macadamias began with the vision of the engineer José Miguel Gómez who remembered with nostalgia his childhood in Salcedo, Dominican Republic. Surrounded by agricultural and cattle fields, reason why he decided to use the unused family’s lands.

This is how MACADAMIA GOMEZ ESTRELLA was born.
Mr. Gómez, in honor of his father Don Francisco Gómez Estrella (Pitite), started the largest and most sustainable project in the country producing high quality macadamia for export.

Our macadamian nuts are grown naturally, without pesticides and are carefully hand picked and packed. They are also Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly. Produced in the family’s fertile fields, located in Los Montones Arriba, San José de las Matas, Dominican Republic.

Our Promise

We are proud to say that our macadamia nuts are organic, nutritious, and completely eco friendly grown… and above all, delicious!

The Crop Fields

  • Approximate Center of Farm # 1 = 19 ° 14` 52«N 70 ° 55` 04«E
  • Approximate Center of Farms # 2,3,4 and 6 = 19 ° 15` 58«N 70 ° 54` 07«E
  • Average temperature range 17 ° C – 26 ° C, with peaks in summer of 30 °
  • Average Height Range 700 m – 780 m
  • Average annual rainfall 1,200mm

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Crop Fields