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A sustainable nut that could solve reforestation problems

The mountainous area of ​​the Sierra (San José de Las Matas), due to the carelessness of the different governments that we have had, is totally devastated, by the indiscriminate felling of trees and shrubs by nomadic farmers, temporarily associated with improvised ranchers.

The hills of San José from Las Matas, constitute the best area of ​​the country for this interesting fruit and forest tree.

We modestly believe that this fruit tree, associated with coffee and other fruit trees, which develop and produce very well with this association, could be the permanent solution to the afforestation and productivity of all this important mountainous area of ​​the country.

The company «Macadamia Gómez Estrella» has been the pioneer in the cultivation of macadamia nuts. Gómez Estrella crop fields have over 28,000 macadamian trees.

The plants offered by this company are grafted on rootstocks of the Macadamia Hawaian species. These plants have an abundant root system, with resistance to soils with inappropriate conditions.

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